Firm Overview

law-firmLipow & Harris specializes in complex employment litigation and trials in both State and Federal Courts, and has successfully represented hundreds of plaintiffs in cases involving employment discrimination and whistleblower statutes. With a combined legal experience of over 45 years of hundreds of jury trials, Jeffrey Lipow and Jill Harris provide unparalleled expertise and courtroom knowledge for the Firm’s clients.

In addition to employment law, Lipow & Harris represents clients in catastrophic injuries and death cases arising from all types of accidents and product liability matters. The Firm has extensive experience with fighting insurance companies to obtain coverage to which clients are entitled, and has filed dozens of bad faith cases against insurance companies.

Lipow & Harris has highly skilled and experienced attorneys affiliated with the firm. Each case is handled by an expert legal team, led by several attorneys experienced in the specific legal issues pertaining to the client's case. Lipow & Harris is dedicated to a thorough presentation of each client's case. Working as a team, our attorneys insure that every client’s case is investigated and prosecuted in a speedy fashion. Our experience in organizing and presenting our clients’ cases leads to maximum results in both settlement negotiations and trials.

All initial consultations are free of charge. Most of our cases are on a contingency fee where compensation occurs only after money is recovered in the case, as regulated by law.