Family Law

A divorce is rarely easy. When children are involved, even an amicable divorce can take a turn for the worst. When property is involved, it is important to take action to ensure that your future interests are taken care of. Although technically a divorce is a decision made and carried out between two people, the truth is that the choice to enter into a divorce will have much wider-spread ramifications. Whether considering the effect on any children that the couple has, or how relationships, such as in-laws, extended family or friends, it is impossible to deny the consequence divorce will have on your life. 

For this reason, divorce is an extremely delicate area of the law that should not be handled by an inexperienced, clumsy attorney. You deserve to have the assistance of someone who is intimate with this area of the law, someone who will be able to help you navigate through the process with as much ease and speed as possible. Mishandling of a case such as this can have detrimental effects, turning what could have been seamless into a bitter, drawn out courtroom battle. You should not risk it. With the help of an experienced Los Angeles attorney, your divorce or family law matter can be handled in such a way as to benefit your current and future interests as well as those of your family. 

At the Law Offices of Lipow & Harris, our family law services are comprised of skilled, dedicated and hardworking divorce and family law professionals. As such, our goal is to educate, negotiate, mediate or litigate to the best interests of our clients. Our legal team has over thirty years of collective experience in trying divorce and custody cases throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. When you work with a lawyer at our firm, you have the backing of our entire team in helping you achieve a favorable result in your family law issue. Please contact our Los Angeles attorneys at (818) 905-0507 for a free consultation.